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Because Adulting Is Hard, but Businessing Shouldn't Be

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We connect entrepreneurs with vetted resources to help them launch 🚀 build 🛠️ or scale 📈 their business 💼. We've got the necessary tools and expertise to help your business grow. We partner with our clients to develop engaging business strategies, design high quality and scalable solutions, and build rich brand experiences, 24/7.

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Roketa Johnson




Advocate for Entrepreneurs.

Your New Business Bestie.

Welcome to the world of Opulence, where business consulting meets innovation and sass. I'm not your typical business consultant - instead I'm a visionary, a trailblazer, and a fierce advocate for entrepreneurs who dare to dream big. With my unique blend of expertise, creativity, and a sprinkle of wit, I have helped countless individuals and corporations transform their business journeys into extraordinary adventures. Get ready to break free from the ordinary, redefine your limits, and unleash the superhero within. With me by your side, strategic success takes on a whole new level of style and brilliance. It's time to make your luxurious mark on the world.



Success is not just about reaching goals, but about embracing the journey, defying expectations, and creating a legacy that inspires others.



Our vetted resources include everything from grants and loans to business coaching and mentorship. We partner with top professionals and organizations across a wide range of industries to provide our members with the support and guidance they need to thrive. Our community of like-minded entrepreneurs also serves as a powerful source of inspiration and motivation, providing a safe and supportive space for members to connect and collaborate.

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for Small Business


Transform Your Mindset To Achieve Your Business Goals

Credit Suite can help you establish business credit quickly with no PG or personal credit check so you can run and grow your business. With a PG, your personal assets are on the line. You will always need your EIN to apply and use business credit and in many cases you’ll need your SSN to verify your identity.

Establishing business credit is a process. But it doesn’t have to take forever. You’ll often see that it takes three years for a business to build credit. While it can be helpful to be in business for that long, you can build a good small business credit profile and business credit score long before that. To start establishing business credit you will need to determine what type of vendor credit card you will need.


Aalia L.

The experience was wonderful and from beginning to end, I felt confident that Opulence was able to provide me with outstanding products. I am hugely satisfied and would encourage anyone to use them for above and beyond service needs. A+++ execution and delivery.

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