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VIP Opportunity to get into a $5,000 Small Business Growth Program

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

The American Small Business Growth Program (ASBGP) , powered by Silver Lining and supported by Wells Fargo, is a national campaign on a mission to create a better economy by giving US-based SMBs from marginalized communities the structure, support and opportunities that they deserve and need to succeed.

If you get one of the VIP spots, valued at over $5,000, you will get Silver Lining's year-long SLAPTM SMB Growth Program, the chance to win over 50K in Prizes and your story told through major campaigns. You are also invited to contribute to the design of major Innovation Projects focused on solving the systemic issues that diverse Small Business Owners face.

We are very excited to let you know that we have been able to secure 10 spots in this program for our community. If you are reading this post you will be given priority status in the interview process and your application will be fast tracked. We are particularly excited about this opportunity because we hear so often that you need more practical, customized and ongoing strategics support to really hit your small business growth goals. With this program, you will get just that and more!

  • Build and manage your SLAPTM in a tech-enabled, data-driven software platform

  • Have Monthly 1:1 Strategy Calls

  • Get Unlimited Mindset Calls

  • Use templated Connecting Campaigns to find new clients

  • Connect with people & offers to help you hit your goals

  • Access Behavior Based Loans

  • Join a Global Community of diverse SMBs

Your voice, your point of view, your business's success and your profit matter! I really hope you take advantage of this amazing opportunity! Let's get to work and change the US-economy one small business at a time - starting with yours! Spots are limited, so apply now at

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