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ATLInBusiness Marketplace

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

About ATLinBusiness Marketplace powered by NowNetwork™ ATLinBusiness Marketplace powered by NowNetwork™ is a marketplace designed to drive B2B commerce. Invest Atlanta is introducing the NowNetwork to the metro Atlanta region. The Network’s mission is to become every business’ first destination for finding suppliers and buyers of goods and services.

Recognize the Benefits Smaller, diverse suppliers wish for a level playing field with their larger competitors. ATLinBusiness Marketplace makes that possible! Leverage ATLinBusiness Marketplace to showcase your company’s capabilities, diversity classification, certifications, and more. Make the case that you are ready to take on contracts that will delight your customers and accelerate your business’ growth.

How it works Suppliers and Buyers: register for a free NowNetwork profile today and begin completing your company’s profiles. The process is easy and takes just a few minutes. ATLinBusiness Marketplace’s artificial intelligence (AI) will assist with forging meaningful supplier and buyer relationships. Buyers can use ATLinBusiness Marketplace’s robust search engine to discover suppliers of a myriad of goods and professional services. Suppliers can use ATLinBusiness Marketplace’s extensive company profile to share information buyers need to know before making a purchase decision including capabilities, certifications, diversity classification, and more.

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